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Pre And Post Natal Care Of Mother By skilled midwife

Pre And Post Natal Care Of Mother

One phone call for a better health

Royal health group – home care DUBAI is equipped with team of skilled nurses to make your motherhood a happy and safe journey. It is well aware that being pregnant, be it for the first time or otherwise is filled with mixed emotions. We offer services to make your journey more memorable and bring in more excitement and contentment. Be with us and our skilled licensed nurse will take care of your stress and anxiety, guiding throughout the motherhood through their guidance, teachings and support.

Care for new mother

At the comfort of your home.

It is important you stay at your best health before planning your pregnancy, hence we offer consultation to educate on what to expect. we provide the blood tests to discover possible problems that could affect your pregnancy.

  • Maternity care to support before, during and after delivery.
  • Educate on all aspects of pregnancy from the beginning until the end.
  • Maternity blood test before and during pregnancy.

New born and child care

At the comfort of your home.

Welcoming a baby is an overwhelming experience in itself coupled with struggles and difficulties thinking about how to give them the best care. Our team of registered nurse understand that both the mother and baby needs special attention. We aim to reduce your stress by helping you with, but not limited to

  • Promote safety and care to the new born
  • Newborn hygiene and diet
  • Monitor baby growth chart, weighing
  • Take care of Breast feeding, bathing, how to deal with crying baby
  • Baby massage
  • Educate you on baby’s sleep routine
  • Monitor basic child development.

Baby sitting to newborn and child

At the comfort of your home.

Dubai is largely of expats. we know that you care for your child even when you are too busy. We are a team of expert qualified nurses with pediatric first aid and Basic life support qualification, promise safety to your child when you are not at home. In addition to that our team ensures

  • Highest quality of care when child grows at home.
  • Involve in activities to engage the child
  • Reading and learning with homework assistance
  • Assist in dressing up, feeding, bathing

Breast feeding support

At the comfort of your home.

Breast feeding creates a bond between mother and child. Our trained midwives will teach you the best techniques on how to hold and breast feed the child. We guide in

  • Proper nutrition for post delivery mother to promote breast milk production
  • Duration and time of breast feed to achieve full nutrition to baby
  • Latching techniques
  • Safe breast feeding practices to avoid breast engorgement and infection etc..,

Post Delivery care at home

At the comfort of your home.

Postpartum is as crucial as the pregnancy period. When completely taken care of, healing is faster. To recover fast, we have our qualified team of nurses with DHA licensed doctor who can visit you to ensure that the baby and mother is well.

  • Care for the mother and new born
  • Psychosocial support to mother and Deal with postpartum anxiety
  • Assess the wound after delivery and instruct hygiene measures to avoid infection
  • Explain on ways to work with post pregnancy weight management
  • Educate on what to expect during first few days after delivery



Please call us as soon as possible to book your home nurse with royal health group Dubai homecare.

Royal health group home care nursing’s staff provide medical, physical and emotional support to mother and the child, doing household chores might prevent them from doing their responsibilities.

Royal health group home care Dubai works 24/7, 365 days

We have DHA licensed GP well experienced in wound care to assess and treat.

Depending on the age of the children 1 Nurse to 3 children, we want to provide a safe environment and care for your children. Our newborn care is one nurse to one baby.

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